Le moulin de la Ronce

An authentic and contemporary design

A watermill with an authentic and contemporaneous decoration with an interior design: clean lines, subtles colors, charcoal gray, chocolate, ecru, noble and ancient materials, leather, wood, metal, ceramics but also bright colors, plexiglas, plastic, waxed concrete, family furnitures and creators one: the contemporary design sets into the guest rooms.

The “Moulin de la Ronce” is strongly involved in sustainable development

This heritage site has been renovated using as much as possible the original materials and techniques. Insulation has been made with hemp, woodwork were custom built by a local craftman, and painting are water based.
Rooms are equipped with slatted beds, mattresses, pillows made from natural and renewable components in bamboo, soya, wool, linen and natural latex (rubber tree resin) certified Max Havelaar. Sheets and towels are made of organic cotton.

Gardens are conceived and maintained without any chemical products, only organic treatments are provided.

The mill: a shelter for birds and wildlife

The property is classified as a LPO shelter. The LPO is the french league for the protection of the birds. To protect environment, and preserve what is left as biodiversity, we signed a shelters charter in which we engaged ourselves to respect some rules: creation of suitable conditions for the wild fauna and the flora to get installed, renunciation to the chimical products, reduction of the environment impact, refusal of any hunting process on the property.

We are lucky to host tits, swallows, pigeons, blackbirds, squirrels, wild ducks, moorhens, frogs, field mices that find here some nest boxes, seeds and grease, fresh herb. You will certainly be surprised of how much place has been taken by the wildlife. Bearing in mind insects, ladybirds, bees, dragonflies… that appreciate the presence, well thinked, of bee flowers.

Pictures of the mill